1299 Gnr. C. Christensen R.F.A.

 Victory Medal to 1299 Gunner Charles Christensen, Royal Field Artillery

Charles Christensen was born in Clydebank, Dumbartonshire, Scotland in 1892. His father was blacksmith Jens J. Christensen, born in Denmark 1851. His mother was Magaret Christensen born in England.

Charlie was the youngest. His siblings were: William R. A. Christensen born 1877, Hannah C. Christensen born 1879, Ane M. Christensen born 1881, Magaret Christensen born 1883, Jens J. Christensen born 1888, Christian Christensen born 1890.

In 1891 the blacksmith family lived at 100 High Street, Renfrew, Refrewshire. In 1901 the family had moved to 13 Bouverie Street, Renfrew, Renfrewshire.

On June 4th 1913, Charles attested in Glasgow for 4 years in the Territorial Force, 1st/2nd City of Glasgow Battery, 3rd Lowland Brigade R.F.A. He stated that his employer was John Broos C. Ltd and his occupation as "Hammerman".

1/2nd City of Glasgow Battery was with 3rd Lowland Brigade on Scottish Coast Defences from August 4th 1914 to May/June 1915.

The 3rd Lowland Brigade re-joined 52nd Lowland Division on March 17th 1916, and was numbered 261 Brigade in May 1916, and 262 Brigade in September 1916. 1/2nd City of Glasgow Battery became B battery*.

The B Battery of 262 Brigade R.F.A took part in following battles and engagements in Palestine:

First Battle of Gaza. 26-27 Mar 1917. 

Second Battle of Gaza. 17-19 Apr 1917. 

Third Battle of Gaza. 27 Oct-7 Nov 1917.

Wadi el Hesi. 8 Nov 1917. 

Burqa. 12 Nov 1917. 

El Maghar. 13 Nov 1917.

Capture of Junction Station. 13-14 Nov 1917. 

Battle of Nabi Samweil. 20-24 Nov 1917.

Battle of Jaffa. 21-22 Dec 1917. 

Passage of the Nahrel Auja. 21 Dec 1917*.

In april 1918 the 262 Brigade was transferred to 7th (Meerut) Division, and took part in the Battle of Sharon 19-23 Sep 1918*.

Charles was home from June 4th 1913 to February 26th 1916.

Embodied Service as a Gunner on August 5th 1914 (on Scottish Coast Defences).
Embarked at Devonport February 2nd 1916 and disembarked in Alexandria March 3rd 1916.
In egypt from March 3rd 1916 to March 24th 1917.
In Palestine from March 24th 1917 to June 12th 1919 and enroute June 13th to June 27th 1919.

When Charles was discharged in on August 22nd 1919, his Battery commander mentioned him as being sober, reliable and intelligent. He was awarded bounty of 15 GBP.

Beside his Victory Medal in my collection, Charles Christensen were entitled to a British War Medal and a Territorial Force War Medal.

*Source: The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918 by P. B. Chappell

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