Danish Officers 1945-48

 Officers Training School - Bangalore - "E" Company C. C. 100 - November 1946 to May 1947
10 Danes are present in this photo - Click on the photo for larger version with names.


1) Lt. Axel Erik Andersen, Royal Artillery

2) 2nd Lt. Kaj Beck Andersen, The Buffs

3) 2nd Lt. Niels Edmund Bech, Royal Artillery

4) 2nd Lt. Børge Andreas Breining, The Buffs

5) 2nd Lt. Gunnar Brøgger, R.A.S.C.

6) Lt. John Kurt Des Fontaines, Royal Tank Regiment/Royal Armoured Corps

7) 2nd Lt. Louis Harding Drewes, Royal Artillery

8) 2nd Lt. Ole Fischer-Nielsen, Royal Artillery

9) Major Ib Gram-Hansen, The Buffs/Royal Corps of Signals

10) 2nd Lt. Henrik Maximilian Haxthausen, The Buffs

11) 2nd Lt. Kaj Georg Holst, Suffolk Regiment

12) 2nd Lt. Jørgen Jensen, Royal Army Service Corps

13) 2nd Lt. Preben Jensen, Royal Engineers

14) Lt. Ib Henrik Wilhelm Johansen, Royal Engineers

15) 2nd Lt. Bent Schmidt Hillerup Jørgensen, R.A.S.C.

16) 2nd Lt. Knud Gunni Knudsen, The Buffs

17) Brigadier General Peter Egon Bjarne Madsen, The Buffs, Royal Artillery og Intelligence Corps

18) 2nd Lt. Ingvar Johan Marhauer, R.A.S.C./Royal Artillery

19) 2nd Lt. Bent Frederik Nielsen, The Royal Scots


20) Lt. Svend Wilhelm Thielfeldt Nielsen, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

21) 2nd Lt. Poul Edvin Møller Pedersen, The Buffs


22) 2nd Lt. Elo Hjalmar Pedersen, King's Own Scottish Borderers

23) 2nd Lt. Bent Erhard Petersen, 13/18th Hussars

24) 2nd Lt. Poul Jacob Stærmose, 13/18th Hussars

25) 2nd Lt. Kai Ingvar Sørensen, The Buffs

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