Roll of Honour 1945-48


Danish Casualties in the British Army 1945-48

T/14195428 Dvr. Henning Olaf Andersen,

51st Coy (GT), Royal Army Service Corps
29/06/1947 Khayat Beach War Cemetery


14196270 Gnr. Poul Christoffersen,

87th Airborne Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
10/11/1947 Khayat Beach War Cemetery


14195941 Gnr. Svend O. Korup,

87th Parachute Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
12/08/1947 Mazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles


14196308 Pte. Lauritz Sigvard Jensen,

General Service Corps
11/04/1946 Haldum Cemetery


14196096 Gnr. Michael V. Jensen,

1. Regt., Royal Horse Artillery
24/06/1947 Ramleh War Cemetery


14195743 Gnr. Evald E. Lassen,
"K" Bty. Depot Royal Artillery
06/06/1946 The Maidenhead Register


14195074 Gnr. Bert Louw,

48th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
08/06/1947 Khayat Beach War Cemetery


14195893 Gnr. Egon Nielsen,

159th Parachute Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
29/04/1947 Khayat Beach War Cemetery


T/14196743 Dvr. Gunnar Nielsen,

51st Coy. (GT), Royal Army Service Corps
09/12/1947 Moascar War Cemetery

14194941 Gnr. Jørgen Pagh-Hansen,

87th Airborne Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
29/2/1948 Ramleh War Cemetery


14196274 Pte. Søren Stephansen,

2nd Bn. King's Own Royal Regiment
24/12/1947 Fayid War Cemetery

14195260 Pte. Søren Svendsen,

The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
13/02/1947 - 14/02/1947 The Maidenhead Register